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The Solhotel hotel acts at best of its possibilities to assure the exactness, the reliability and the exhaustiveness of the information presented on this site. However, The Solhotel hotel offers no guarantee as for the exhaustiveness, the current events or the exactness of the descriptions relative to the services or quite other contents presented on this site. The Solhotel hotel reserves the right to bring periodically modifications to the information and to the contents of the web site if the need arises. Any element of the contents of the site can be updated, modified or deleted  at any time by the hotel Solhotel.

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Tourist office of Banyuls http://www.banyuls-sur-mer.com/
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The Solhotel hotel produces and owner of the bases of data composing the present site. These data are legally protected, and registered(recorded) with the CNIL under the number of declaring 1517656. According to the capacities(measures) of the law n 98-536 of the 01/07/98, it is forbidden to extract, to reuse, to store, to reproduce, to represent, to keep  or to reuse, all or any of the contents of databases appearing in the site.

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According to data protection acts, you have a right of access and a rectification to the name specific information concerning you (Art. 27 of the law of January 6th, 1978). To modify or delete particulars which you seized on the site you can send us an e-mail via the form of contact by specifying your request


The Solhotel hotel collects the personal information which you subject voluntarily on this web site. We hear by ” personal information ” any datum which can serve to identify an including person, among others: the name, the e-mail address, the number of the credit card and its expiry date, the profession as well as the other information required to assure a service, make a transaction or a reservation the demand of which you made.

The Solhotel hotel may communicate this confidential information with some of his(her) commercial partners or under traitants, all chosen carefully, if such information is necessary for them to supply you a service, a program or the other wanted element.

The Solhotel hotel will use your personal information only according to the specified modalities when this information will be collected on this site. The Solhotel hotel will not keep  your personal information Personal beyond duration required for the purposes of which they were collected, or beyond duration prescribed by the laws or the current rules.

You are entitled to reach this personal information and to correct them, to modify them or to delete them at any time.

If you wish to exercise this right, please click here  to send us an e-mail. You can also send us a mail to the following address:

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With the aim of avoiding a not authorized disclosure of personal information, he can be asked to you to supply a documentary evidence of identity.


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“People with reduced mobility”

We use the generic name “People with reduced mobility” ( PMR) by referring to us in the position which the European Parliament took on February 14th, 2001 [ 1 ]. All the persons having difficulties to move, such as, for example, handicaped persons (including the persons suffering from sensory and intellectual handicaps and the passengers in wheelchair), disabled persons of the members, the small-sized persons, the persons transporting heavy luggage, elderly, pregnant woman , persons having a supermarket trolley and parents  with children (including children in stroller). This definition is strictly identical to that used at the international level, in particular of the Economic Committee for Europe of United Nations.

Information communicated by the Internet users

The confidentiality and the integrity of the information not being assured on the Internet network. We decline any responsibility in this respect.

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The site of the hotel Solhotel de Banyuls proposes numerous links towards other sites. We indicate systematically towards which site we suggest you going. However, these web pages the addresses of which are regularly verified are not a member of our site, consequently, they do not commit  the responsibility of the editorial staff of the site.

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